The first thing you should know about me is that I have many nicknames. Jenny Rose, Rose, Rosie, Roo, JR, and Ra Ra are only a few. I’m not picky and will probably respond to any of them.

Actually, that’s a lie. The first thing you should know about me is that I belong to Jesus. After all, my name isn’t who I am. My identity rests upon who Christ is and what He has called me to be. He saved me when I was twelve years old and I have never been the same since. (Check out my testimony for more on that subject!)

I’m a worshiper. Ever since He set me apart for Himself, I have had a passion to worship Jesus and be His disciple. There’s nothing I want more than to live my life in a way that pleases Him and gives Him as much glory as possible.

I love my local church (Powerline Church). The people God has put in my life are so incredible yet real that sometimes I can’t believe how amazing the God is that created them. Sometimes we hurt each other and sometimes we make mistakes, but we always seek to make things right. We’re about holiness, not good impressions.

I love leading worship. Since I was thirteen, He has given me the amazing privilege of serving on Powerline Church’s worship team. While I mostly sing, I also occasionally play the keyboard, the guitar, and even the glockenspiel. I also am blessed to be able to lead worship in our church’s small groups. (We call them L.I.F.E. groups.)

I enjoy writing worship songs to Jesus on the keyboard or guitar as well as little (and sometimes silly) poems or letters to Him. He loves me anyway.

Discipling women and working with the teens in my church are two more joys God has let me experience. I am constantly inspired, encouraged, and challenged by the teens in Voltage, my church’s youth group. They love Jesus and strive to grow in Him every day. They’re good kids and I’m proud of them.

Since I graduated college in May, 2014, I have continued to live at home, where I have had opportunities to continue cultivating deeper relationships with my family, serve around the house, read amazing books, give music lessons, take on freelance editing jobs, and continue working towards fluency in Spanish.

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